Employee Turnover

High turnover of staff can hurt a business’s bottom line as well as affect morale. The total cost of replacing an employee is 70 to 200 % of their salary. There are direct and indirect costs to consider:

Becoming an Employer of Choice; Incentives beyond Base Salary

When businesses need to compete for the best workers but can’t pay the best salary a unique approach is needed. Money is not the only motivating factor.

Make them want you by offering:

Training & development opportunities

A safe working environment

Healthy working environment

Responsive scheduling

Positive employee-manager relationship

Reasonable job demands

Competitive pay and benefits

Great team environment

Rewarding work

Job security

Recruitment & Selection


  • Finding and attracting capable applicants.



  • Evaluation of the applicant’s suitability to the job and the hiring of those who best match the position’s requirements.


Start with Good Planning

  • Know your business/company

  • Know your hiring needs

  • Know what you already have

  • Know the work

  • Know the labour market

  • Know your talent sources

  • Know your options

  • Measure and evaluate


Create the Job Description


Make it easier on yourself:


  • Go to OCCINFO for Gov’t of Alberta’s database of profiles, descriptions & wages

  • Consider who your ideal candidate would be.

  • Focus on the behavioral characteristics of your ideal candidate.


Gather a team of people who represent the best qualities of the people who currently hold the same or a similar position.




Recruitment Sources/Strategies


Career Development

  • Develop a pre-qualified candidate pool before you need to fill a job.

  • Succession planning

  • Talent Spotting - Develop relationships with potential employees long before you need them.


Internal Job Posting

  • Offers development opportunities for staff,

  • Low investment of time and money

  • Can promote good employee relations, minimizes talk of unfair treatment

  • Doesn’t allow for ‘new blood’ or new skills


Tap Your Employee Networks

  • Get the word out! Let each employee know your hiring needs so they can constantly look for candidates in their network of friends and associates. Publicize and reward for successful hiring’s.

  • I know someone at…Encourage employees to gather business cards from, and develop relationships with, high potential possible employees.

  • Tap your networks - Your social, board and academic connections.

  • Trade show booth - Meet and get to know potential candidates as well as customers.


Your Website for Recruiting

  • "Join Our Team" section of your company website tell & "sell," potential employees on your vision, mission, values and culture of your company

  • Present a message about how people are valued

  • Express your commitment to quality and to your customers

  • Your job listings must sparkle so a potential candidate thinks, “This organization is for me!"

  • Provide a way for candidates to easily submit resumes

Use Headhunters and Recruiters

  • The best firms have done much of this homework and candidate pool development for you.

  • Expect to pay 20-35 percent of the cost of the new recruit's annual salary.

  • Recruiters developed a pool of candidates. They provide a second pair of experienced eyes to help you with your search.


Using Social Media & Job Sites

  • Use the Internet to find and attract great candidates.

  • Social media; LinkedIn, Facebook

  • Professional association websites related to the job

  • Websites that your regional and/or local government provide

  • Classified ads on newspaper-related websites.

  • Pay to post on some commercial websites like,



  • News media, in print, on television, on the radio and online any publicity your company receives has a direct impact on recruiting

  • A few good words,

  • an interesting article or

  • a piece about your mission & vision

  • Anything that reflects your company in a favorable light, will result in candidates coming to you.


Become an Employer of Choice

  • Think about what a potential employee considers before agreeing to join your company.

  • Are you stable, making money and growing?

  • Are you employee-friendly?

  • Does your mission catch the mindshare and/or the heartstrings of the people you most want to recruit?

  • Will a new employee feel part of something bigger than themselves if they join you?

  • Will your organization nurture their talent and provide exciting opportunities for challenge and professional growth?


Selection is a formal, in-depth conversation conducted to evaluate the applicant’s suitability for the job.


Selection seeks to answer the questions:

  • Can the applicant do the job?

  • Will the applicant do the job?

  • How does the applicant compare with others who   are being considered?


Behavioural Interviewing

The Behavioural Interview technique is:

  • An objective selection approach

  • Relies on the candidate’s descriptions of their behaviours in past work/life situations similar to those required by the job available.

The premise is that: Past behaviours are the best predictors of future behaviour.


Ineffective Interviewing

  • Interviews based on subjective (Opinions) impressions rather than objective information

  • Asking about the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This is the candidate’s self-assessment, opinions about themselves


Interviewer:  “Tell me about a time in the past when you had a customer who came into your store and was very angry because of a defect in a product that you sold them. What happened?”


The Steps of the Behavioural Technique

  1. Prepare for the Interview

  2. Conduct the Interview

  3. Assess the Candidates

  4. Make the Offer


Conduct the Interview – 80% of the interview time should be devoted to asking questions.



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